My husband wants to cut the cable – How will I survive without The Bachelor?

We have a lot of screen time in our house. We have two computers, one laptop, one ipad, our daughter has an ipod and my husband and I each have an iphone. We also have three tvs, one Xbox and a PS3. On lazy weekends I have to remind my kids that there is more to do than just jump from screen to screen (Xbox game to computer game to tv show to an ipod game…you get the picture). With all of these sources of entertainment (did I mention we also have a Netflix account?) do we really need basic cable?

My husband argues no. He’s a techy guy who knows how to “download” and “stream” content from the internet to the tv. I am not there yet. I am a little old fashioned when it comes to tv. I LIKE waiting for my favourite weekly tv show to air. It’s kind of like Christmas – it’s the anticipation!

“But you know,” he says,” you can watch the show via the Internet on the TV.”

“At the same time as it airs on tv?” I ask.

“Well, no, but usually the next day for sure.”

Not the answer I wanted to hear. How can I possibly go to work on Tuesday if I didn’t watch The Bachelor on Monday night? The suspense will be ruined! I will already have heard who cried and who kissed and who needed to be taken to the hospital on the most dramatic season of The Bachelor ever!

But he has a point. The cable costs us over $50 a month. We rely on Netflix for most of the shows and movies that we watch, as do the kids. We really only use regular cable for that one show a week that I like to indulge in, or to watch the news or to check the weather report, both of which are readily available on line at any time of day I want to check it.

I have to admit we could use the extra $50 a month. I try to further justify this by arguing that instead of watching trashy tv I could be reading a book or playing with the kids or walking the dogs. So, I have to ask, is The Bachelor worth $50 a month?

We know what’s going to happen: there’s going to be a group of girls that all seem super sweet and beautiful and how the hell do they not have one dimple of cellulite? Then there is going to be the outcast who the Bachelor will like because no one can resist the thought of the badass girl who also has no cellulite nor does she have even one varicose vein. Not one. She also has an elaborate back tattoo that comes with an incredibly touching story that almost makes us feel sorry for badass girl. Then previous Bachelors will come on the show to give him advice, like they have been best buds since the third grade. Then in the end, he will come to his senses and send badass girl home leaving two incredibly awesome girls left (how do these girls not already have multiple boyfriends?) to choose from. He’ll pick a ring (that he doesn’t have to pay for) and a tux (that he also doesn’t have to pay for) and the girls will get all dolled up (in gowns that are given to them and with access to top makeup and hair designers that make them look like they just walked off the pages of a magazine while I am eating popcorn in my pyjamas on the couch). He will send one poor soul home and propose to the other who will say yes because they are standing on a cliff overlooking the Pacific and he’s holding a $100000 ring, but dump him once the cameras stop rolling…

Pass the phone, I’ll call the Cable company myself.


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